Boar hunting

Pig hunting in New Zealand had its origins when European sailors released pigs. Captain Cook’s liberations of pigs in the 1770s, while not the earliest, were probably the first successful releases. Wild black pigs, supposedly similar to the original type have become known as Captain Cookers. Today wild pigs come in a variety of colours as a result of interbreeding with domestic breeds over the last couple of hundred years. Populations of wild pigs are found throughout much of New Zealand and local liberations by pig hunters are still taking place further increasing their range.In New Zealand we use to different styles of hunting and killing pigs. The first method of hunting pigs which is proffered is to use either, bailing dogs (which stand off and bark at the pig) then theres the holding dogs which bite onto the ears or legs of the pig so it cant get away until the hunter arrives. Ways in which we kill pigs is just to use a gun, or what we call sticking the pig which involves more danger, the technique in order to do this is to use a long knife and to thrust it into the heart of the animal.
black pig on ground.jpg tim pig on truck.jpg pig on back.jpg pig on grounf.jpg ginger pig.jpg