General Info

HUNTING SEASONS: As Unlike most countries, New Zealand has no hunting seasons for Big Game Hunting. Our Big Game Hunting starts in February and finishes in August but some big game animals can be hunt all year round. As you're probably aware, New Zealand’s seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. When it's winter there, it's summer here.
Recommended Clothing:
We recommend you pack your gear in one bag and try to keep weight under 20kg (Rifle extra). Binoculars are an essential part of hunting in New Zealand, if you have a good pair, please bring them.
-5 pairs of socks
-2 sets thermo underwear
-2 pairs boots leather / rubber
-1 set rainwear, trousers & jacket
-1 pair knee-high gaiters
-2 pairs woollen / fleece trousers
-2 shirts woollen / fleece
-Warm jacket (wind proof)
-1 pair warm gloves
-2 warm hat
-1 towel
-Torch / head lamp,2 sets extra batteries
-Camera (Very important
-Small daypack
-Large pack
-Sleeping bag (warm)
-Hunting knife
-Rifle, ammo 2 boxes, cleaning gear
-1 cap
-book or magazine
-Down jacket 1.
-If you have them: -GPS
-Bivvy bag
-Walking poles
- Ice axes
Guns to use and shot distances.
We generally recommend to use a calibre between .270 and .300 Winchester magnum, the general shot distance in New Zealand is between 100 to 350 yards
Fitness levels
Hunting adventure’s hunts require a medium to high level of fitness for some of it’s hunts due to the terrain we hunt in, it can be physically demanding